Frankincense cream for the skin

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It purifies the skin of impurities and fungi and reduces the appearance of acne
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Frankincense cream for wrinkles

Frankincense is a resinous substance extracted from the heart of the frankincense tree that grows in some areas of Africa and the Middle East. It contains many therapeutic properties. It is used in the cosmetic field of the face, hair and body. Frankincense contains natural collagen and many other substances that contribute to renewing skin cells and lightening their color. It gets rid of skin wrinkles, restores freshness to the skin, and helps tighten and reduce pores.

Benefits of frankincense cream for wrinkles

It purifies the skin of impurities and fungi, reduces the appearance of acne , fights inflammation, and reduces facial redness and itching. Purifying pores of impurities and secretions to prevent blackheads. It treats common skin problems such as eczema, unifies skin tone and gets rid of dark spots. Exfoliating and renewing dead skin cells, which helps whiten and lighten them. Treats the skin from darkening caused by direct exposure to sunlight. Frankincense cream treats dark circles around the mouth and eyes. Reducing swelling resulting from insect bites and accelerating their healing. It is anti-infective, cleans wounds and scratches, and accelerates their healing, without leaving a scar behind. Getting rid of scars resulting from surgeries.

How to use frankincense cream

Apply the cream in an appropriate amount to the skin before bed, and massage until it is well absorbed by the skin.

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