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It is one of the most beneficial aromatic herbs for the hair. It contains a group of substances that protect it from many problems and help treat it when it is damaged.
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Huile de Myrte Basil oil for hair

It is one of the most beneficial aromatic herbs for the hair. It contains a group of substances that protect it from many problems and help treat it when it is damaged, by restoring hair vitality and protecting the scalp from the presence of dandruff and harmful microbes in it such as fungi, thus preventing hair loss and giving it high density. It helps to get rid of gray hair and white hair, and it is also possible to increase hair softness through its leaves by boiling them and massaging the hair with the solution resulting from boiling them.

Benefits of basil for hair

There are many benefits of basil for hair, including:

Renewal of hair follicles: Basil effectively rejuvenates hair follicles, as it promotes damaged hair follicles to grow again. Stimulating the scalp. Basil also contains a high percentage of magnesium. Which improves blood flow to the scalp. Strengthening hair: Basil strengthens hair, which contributes to protecting it from loss and breakage.

Basil mixtures for hair

Below are the most important mixtures that can be made from basil and benefit from it, including the following

Basil to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp

Mix ground basil from Zeina Store with an appropriate amount of olive oil, stir well to give a homogeneous mixture, then massage the scalp. This recipe helps stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and increase its flow, thus causing better hair growth and preventing it from falling out.

Basil cleanses the hair and scalp from germs and microbes

Mix an amount of crushed basil leaves with an amount of lemon juice and mint, massage the scalp with the resulting solution, and rinse it after half an hour with an amount of lukewarm water, so that this mixture helps clean the hair and the entire scalp of all germs and microbes, and gives the hair great vitality and freshness.

Basil to lengthen hair and increase its density

Mix an amount of basil oil with an amount of ground lupine, add a little hot water, massage the hair with the resulting mixture, leave it for a period of not less than eight hours, then rinse it, so that this mixture helps to lengthen the hair and increase its density.

Basil to restore natural hair color and get rid of gray hair

Bring a quantity of its leaves and boil them in water, add a small amount of rosemary, mix them well together, and place the mixture on the hair until it dries completely. This helps restore the natural color of the hair and get rid of gray hair.

Basil to treat dandruff

Basil leaves contain effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances, which contribute to the treatment of scalp fungi, the most important of which is dandruff. They also help in preventing hair loss as well. Basil leaves can be used by following the following steps:

How to prepare

A spoonful of ground basil with a spoonful of ground curry, add (4-5) Indian gooseberries, and mix all ingredients to obtain a smooth dough. Distribute the mixture on the hair and scalp and leave for an hour. Wash hair with cold water.

Basil to nourish hair

Basil helps nourish the scalp and effectively promotes hair growth, because it contains a high percentage of vitamins A and C, in addition to flavonoids and polyphenolic acids. It is used as follows:

How to prepare

Mix half a cup of nettle with a quarter cup of horsetail or horsetail, and three tablespoons of dried basil. Add four tablespoons of dried lavender and three tablespoons of dried rosemary. Add three and a half cups of apple cider vinegar. Place the mixture in an airtight glass container, then store it in a cool, dark place for two to four weeks. Filter the mixture using a cloth or soft strainer, then use the mixture to wash the hair. Store the remaining mixture for a long time.

Basil for gray hair

If you are starting to be bothered by the presence of white hairs that have begun to appear in your hair strands, you can try this effective recipe whose results will surprise you.

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