Lettuce oil 30 ml - Huile de Laitue

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Lettuce oil is applied to the hair like any natural oil that we can apply and nourish the hair with.
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Huile de Laitue Lettuce oil for hair and skin

A seasonal herbal plant grown in most countries of the world. It is rich in vitamins and has many benefits for hair and skin.

Benefits of lettuce oil for hair

  • Lettuce oil helps improve and enhance hair growth.
  • Because lettuce oil is rich in vitamins, and contains antioxidants that contribute to hair lengthening.
  • Lettuce oil is used to strengthen hair roots.
  • Lettuce oil is a hair straightener.
  • When using this oil, it contributes to making the hair additional softness.
  • Lettuce oil contains eight percent silicon and nine percent phosphorus.
  • These elements are minerals necessary to maintain hair vitality and protect it from sunlight.

benefits Lettuce oil for the skin

  • It helps make the skin smoother and more radiant, especially for dry skin.
  • It removes skin pimples that form on the face.
  • It is considered a moisturizer for the skin.
  • It works to prevent sunburn.

How to use Lettuce oil for hair

Lettuce oil is placed on the hair like any natural oil that we can apply and nourish the hair with. When the hair is wet, an amount of lettuce oil is placed in the palm of the hand, and the scalp is gently massaged until the hair follicles are saturated, after which another amount is taken, and the entire hair is massaged from From the head to the ends of the hair until the hair becomes extra soft. The hair can be washed with warm water or left on the hair without washing. Sometimes lettuce oil is placed on dry hair, or it is applied before showering and left on the hair for an hour until it penetrates well.

How to use lettuce oil for the skin

Make a face mask of lettuce oil, 30 ml , then after about ten minutes, wash the face well with water, gently and smoothly, so as not to scratch the skin.

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