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Akibe Original Suppositories Akibe Original Suppositories are completely natural, based on herbs and natural oils. Does not contain chemicals.
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Original Yokebe suppositories -

Akibi original suppositories are completely natural, based on herbs and natural oils. Does not contain chemicals. It has no side effects, neither in the short or long term, because it is just natural herbs.

It works to tighten and enlarge the buttocks, legs and buttocks. It is composed of African herbs, camel dur, and goat fat.

How to use Yokebe suppositories -

In order to obtain a satisfactory, clear and stable result, attention must be paid to the correct method of use, whether that is using Akibi pills or Akibi suppositories.

Akibi suppositories are used twice a day, once every morning and once before bed, for a period ranging from 20 to 30 consecutive days.

How to use Yokebe pills

In order to get results from Akibe pills, take one pill one hour after lunch and dinner at the same frequency with which Akibe suppositories are taken.

Benefits of Yokebe suppositories and gels - Yokebe -

There are many features in Akibe suppositories, the most important of which is that they work to increase the size of the buttocks and buttocks, and we can explain some of these features in some points as follows:

  • It redirects the path of fat around the abdomen and middle to the buttocks and buttocks
  • Make the buttocks and buttocks attractive and harmonious
  • It prepares and prepares both the buttocks and buttocks areas to receive fat

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تحاميل اكيبي الأصلية لتكبير المؤخرة والارداف - Yokebe -


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