Horsetail magic shampoo

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Prevents the formation of dandruff and fungi on the scalp
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Natural Moroccan shampoo with horsetail

Dil al-Horse oil is considered one of the foundations for supporting, beautifying and treating hair problems, such as repairing damaged hair, stopping its loss, and working on its growth. Zeina Moroccan Beauty Products offers you this natural product, which is a 100% natural Moroccan shampoo that is nourishing and prepared with Dil al-Horse oil extract.

Benefits of Moroccan shampoo alternative to horse

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Strengthens brittle and broken hair
  • Nourishing for damaged and weak hair
  • Prevents the formation of dandruff and fungi on the scalp
  • It gives hair vitality and natural beauty
  • Ideal for split and curly hair
  • And many other benefits you will discover with use

How to use Moroccan shampoo with horsetail

Moroccan shampoo with horsetail is easy to use, just like other shampoos while bathing or washing the hair, or before making a hair oil bath.


  • Moroccan horsetail shampoo is suitable for all hair types
  • Package size is 200 ml

Customer Reviews

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je l'utilise et je pense qu'elle fait son effet, à voir sur le long terme.

ihssan baasou

Conforme à la description. L'emballage en plastique est bien fait pour protéger