Moroccan siwak or local siwak

The Moroccan siwak or local siwak is among the oldest natural materials used by Moroccan women to take care of their beauty, because it contains a group of ingredients that take care of the gums and teeth.

Quantity: 500-g

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Moroccan siwak or local siwak

Moroccan siwak Or the local siwak, one of the oldest natural materials used by Moroccan women to take care of their beauty, because it contains a group of ingredients that take care of the gums, teeth, skin, and even hair.
The siwak is extracted from the quilt of the walnut tree, and it is considered the best type of siwak. Despite its pungent and bitter taste, it is more effective in treating a group of aesthetic problems. The hot siwak or the Moroccan siwak is usually used to treat gum problems such as infections and mouth ulcers. It also whitens the teeth and protects them from yellowing.
In addition, the siwak can effectively take care of your hair, in addition to the dark brown color it can give to your hair. The siwak contains ingredients that strengthen the follicles and protect them from falling out. It also cleanses the scalp and eliminates dandruff because it contains tannins.

benefits Moroccan siwak For teeth

  • Fights the problem of tooth decay and pits
  • Protects teeth from the accumulation of yellow layer (or so-called tartar).
  • Prevents the accumulation of bacteria on the gums and tongue
  • Removes bad breath
  • Contains ingredients with a light fragrance that may improve mouth odor
  • It strengthens the gums and prevents inflammation
  • It whitens teeth
  • Treats teeth from the effects of smoking

How to use the Moroccan dental siwak

Cut a small piece of the siwak into a lengthwise shape, see the picture. Then we wash it well until it becomes moist and rub the teeth and gums with it without violence.
Tongue and throw away immediately after use
How to use Moroccan siwak for hair
First method:
Boil the siwak for 10 minutes over low heat, then leave it for a while until it becomes warm
After washing the hair well with shampoo, rinse it with boiling water using the siwak
Massage the scalp with your fingertips for 5 minutes
Wash the hair well with warm water
Second method:
Dry the siwak well in the oven or under the sun
Grind it until it becomes fine as a powder
Mix it with two tablespoons of olive or castor oil
Keep the mixture in an airtight bottle for one day
Section the hair, then apply the mixture to the scalp, massaging with your fingertips.
Using the Moroccan siwak to treat gray hair
The siwak is also suitable for dyeing hair in a natural way, by mixing henna with the siwak boiled, and placing it on the hair. You will notice how the white hair will disappear, and the color of your hair will become bright and shiny.
In addition, the siwak plays the role of a cleanser for the scalp, as it cleanses it of fats and rids it of dandruff.
  • To preserve the Moroccan siwak for a long time, cover the Moroccan siwak with a cotton roll and place it in a closed container

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