who are we

Moroccan Goods is the Moroccan store that combines the ancient local character with international quality standards. It is very interested in the finest natural care and cosmetic products for the hair, skin and body and alternative natural solutions to enjoy perfect, flawless skin, such as Moroccan soap, Moroccan clay, Moroccan loofah, and oils such as argan oil and fig oil. Prickly pear and other natural oils. And nutritional supplements in addition to honey and its derivatives.

Moroccan Codes is supervised by a large team specialized in importing the latest and finest original cosmetics and care products that conform to international specifications and have a distinctive brand at prices that suit all segments of society, as our first mission is to provide the best experience for purchasing and shopping online, and we do not forget that a large part of our products are suitable for men as well. .

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  • We have facilitated the process of fast shipping and delivery because customer comfort is our most important priority. Moroccan Codes guarantees its valued customers the quality of all the products it sells on the store and that all products are original products and do not sell any counterfeit products. We only import products from the best group of natural products manufacturing companies. The original manufacturers and distributors authorized to sell these original products.
  • Moroccan Codes products are all natural and do not contain any substances harmful to health. They are used for the daily beauty routine, as they provide an integrated program for caring for all types of skin and hair.
  • We always strive to put the latest and best methods that have been found in the world of skin care and cosmetics in your hands.
  • The best distinctive and unique collections of products, so we take great care of their quality and provide them from their original sources to ensure that we provide the best selection of 100% original brands and products. In order to ensure your comfort, we have provided a wide choice of payment methods to choose the ones that are closest to you and most appropriate to your lifestyles. And we cooperate with the best and fastest shipping companies in order to reach you wherever you are in the quickest time and in any place. We have provided the simplest purchasing methods to guarantee our customers an exciting and enjoyable shopping experience.

Why choose our products?

  • Healthy skin is our goal and this is exactly who we are.
  • You don't want chemicals in your food, so why put them on your skin?
  • The majority of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, which is why we only carry products that properly optimize your skin and nourish you from the outside.
  • All our body care products undergo a stringent inspection process by our quality standards experts.
  • We check the ingredients, so you don't have to.
  • We offer our customers affordable, everyday prices on the body care products they know and love.
  • Whether you're looking for an all-natural solution to combat stubborn acne or looking for a natural deodorant that really works – our cosmetics, skincare, haircare and personal care products are as clean as they come and contain no problematic chemicals like parabens, phthalates, talc, aluminum tetrahydroxide , formaldehyde or oxybenzone.

Your one-stop shop for all body care products

You don't have to go to a department store for the body care products that provide the results you want the most, or the cosmetics that highlight your best features. Why go several places multiple times while selecting the best organic products for you? Choose body care products that nourish you from the outside and get That healthy glow! We're proud to carry a wide range of affordable head-to-toe everyday items, check out our comprehensive body care section including:

  • Body care and bathing
  • makeup
  • Essential oils
  • Facial care
  • hair care
  • Organic body care products
  • Food Supplements
  • Honey and its derivatives
  • Natural herbs

We are also honored to have some natural products for children in the Moroccan Codes store for Moroccan and natural beauty products.

Returning to nature is a requirement for all beautiful women, so we were especially keen to provide the best natural products of high quality. The Moroccan Codes store is proud to offer you all the components of the Moroccan bath and the best types of Moroccan local soap in different flavors, as well as natural soap for bathing. It also offers you pure, raw Moroccan argan oil, prickly pear oil, rose oil of both types, red and white, and many 100% raw, natural and original oils.